September 2011

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On work

The truth about all the work
I have ever done is that
it was mostly work
- not joy -
and the fear of how
it would be perceived
by every superior
I ever knew, for it is
the nature of all superiors
to be superior, especially
the unskilled ones
who lack grace and
carry fear themselves.
My sin is that
I gave up too many days
to drudgery and obedience in
return for money and security,
and the wish to be loved
by unloving people,
for I never in my life
wished to manage anything,
and because of this
and because men and women
are not yet kind by default,
I created an opening that
was almost always taken,
even by those
I looked upon as friends
and in whom I sometimes
confided my innermost
thoughts and secrets.
In the workplace,
if the only goal is to work,
we will always be betrayed,
and it will always be done
in the name of something
which has no life but that
which superiors give to it,
and I have wasted more time
than I wish to remember
lamenting this unchanging
fact of life, and thus feeding
the very fires that burned me.

© 2011

The towers are missing

Manhattan without the World Trade Towers
Absence is its own power.
I stand on Liberty Island
and look for the towers,
try to will them into view
through the harbor haze,
but they are not there.
They will not rise
and the wound aches on.
They sky is empty without them.
I cannot remember,
I cannot see,
as I sometimes cannot see
the face of loved ones
when I close my eyes
and whisper their name.

© 2009